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  • Chelsea Cleaning Contractors take environmental issues very seriously and are always looking to identify alternative, consumables, janitorial products, equipment or cleaning methods that are more environmentally friendly.  Chelsea Cleaning Contractors provide in conjunction with our suppliers, the following:
  • Our chemical manufacturer is currently working towards IS014001 accreditation.
  • All cleaning products used comply with the current European Regulations concerning Biodegradability and protection of the environment.
  • All COSHH and Safety Data Sheets have been provided within this Tender Return.  This information can also be provided on CD if required.
  • The forthcoming REACH legislation are not deemed by our suppliers to currently have any impact on the availability and cost of the products.
  • Chelsea Cleaning Contractors and our suppliers are all very much aware of the potential impact of the chemicals we use on the environment, however all the products to be utilised and formulated to minimise this impact.  Each of our suppliers have their own Environmental Policies that we would be happy to provide on request.
  • The product, (not just the packaging) is biodegradable with each of the component parts (other than the surfactant) being individually tested to a recognised standard.
    The Green Claims Code and ISO14021 both require that any claims of biodegradability should be verified and substantiated and accordingly we may require sight of such confirmation.
  • As mentioned above, the products to be utilised meet the European Biodegradable Regulations.
  • As mentioned above, the products to be utilised meet the European Biodegradable Regulations and therefore confirm with this request.
  • We are currently investigating whether any of the products to be used have been awarded any eco-labels.  Once established, we shall advise.
  • We are not aware of any of the products utilised containing VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Chelsea Cleaning Contractors can confirm that the products supplied use a minimum of packaging.
  • The recycled content of the packaging is standard.
  • We confirm that the packaging used is recyclable
  • We confirm that the waste product containers are disposed of via Landfill.
  • The recycled content of each of the consumables provided varies from product to product but Chelsea Cleaning Contractors and so a little difficult to specify We would happily investigate this aspect further if requested to do so.
Environmental Policy Statement

Chelsea Cleaning Contractors recognises that good environmental practice is an opportunity to improve performance by:
  • Reducing pollution and waste
  • Using energy and resources more efficiently
  • Lowering costs
  • Improving health and safety and morale
Chelsea Cleaning Contractors has an Environmental Policy that implements the following strategies within areas of our control:

Protecting the Environment

  • By using environmentally friendly chemicals were practicable
  • By recycling paper and used toner cartridges whenever possible
  • By reducing waste e.g. reusing printed paper as scrap paper

Using Energy Efficiently

  • By insuring buildings have proper insulation
  • By switching off non-essential lights and equipment when not in use
  • By keeping windows clean to improve natural lighting levels
  • By keeping doors and windows shut in colder weather to retain heat

Using Resources Efficiently

  • By using green suppliers of materials and equipment where possible
  • By turning off taps properly and repairing leaks immediately
  • By not over ordering supplies that may go out of date before use

Reducing Pollution

  • By using road transport efficiently and reducing use where practicable
  • By investing in cleaner equipment and processes
  • By insuring equipment is maintained and repaired

Meeting Regulations

  • By complying with the Environment Protection Act 1990, the environment Act 1995 and the Health and Safety and work Act 1974
  • Chelsea Cleaning Contractors will bring this policy to the attention of all staff and provide training as appropriate to ensure its effectiveness.  This policy will be reviewed annually.
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